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10 Ways to Enjoy Sunkist’s 10-Pound Holiday Box of Navel Oranges


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10 Ways to Enjoy Sunkist’s 10-Pound Holiday Box of Navel Oranges

Make your holidays brighter with Sunkist’s 10-pound box of Navel oranges! Whether you’re seeking a perfect gift or aiming to add zest to the festive season, these oranges aren’t just for snacking—they’re versatile enough for your kitchen, home décor, and even gifting to neighbors.

Cassie Howard, Sr. Director at Sunkist Growers, Inc., shares that gifting oranges during the holidays brings back cherished memories for many. Sunkist’s 10-pound Navel orange cartons keep these traditions alive while helping budget-conscious shoppers enjoy healthier options despite inflation.

Available in attractive crate and gift box designs, these festive cartons can jazz up any produce aisle and cater to the holiday rush. Nearly half of consumers have gifted or received citrus during the holidays, with Navel oranges being a popular choice. Recipe inspiration is key, as 70% of people feel it could amp up citrus use in holiday meals.

Sunkist is here to make holiday hosting stress-free and fruit purchases more versatile. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Freshen up your gatherings with a cranberry, orange, walnut, and goat cheese dip.
  • Create a festive aroma with the Potpourri Simmer Pot.
  • Impress with orange croissant bread pudding.
  • Toast the season with Mulled Orange Spice Apple Cider.
  • Add fragrance to your home with dried citrus.
  • Start off meals with an orange and onion chutney.
  • Enjoy chocolate-dipped candied orange peels without any waste.
  • Make Navel Orange Maple Roasted Turkey Breast the star of your feast.
  • Craft clove-studded orange ornaments for a fun DIY.
  • Gift the 10-pound carton to someone special for a memorable gesture.

To include these oranges in your holiday plans, reach out to your local Sunkist sales rep. Elevate your celebrations with citrus-infused joy throughout the festive season and beyond!”


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